How to uncover drains in kitchens and bathrooms

There are several ways to open drains, pipes and pipes in the house. Covered drains are very frequent and are manifested because the water accumulates and does not flow, either in the sink or sink of the kitchen or bathroom, or in places such as the toilet.

Usually, these are organic wastes, although sometimes it happens that some hard object that complicates things falls down the drain. In any case, before calling a plumber or plumber, try to do it yourself. Here, some solutions.

Among the options to solve a covered drain find products such as caustic soda and special liquids to clean pipes, but also the classic objects of the uncovering of pipes, as are the wire and the so papa.

Unclog drains with caustic soda

Caustic soda has, in addition to industrial use as caustic hydroxide, a domestic use. This whitish and highly toxic substance for the skin is used in the paper industry, in the manufacture of detergents and fabrics.

And what will be its caustic and corrosive power that even the oil industry makes use of this chemical. That is why, if what happens in the drainage of your bathroom or kitchen is that there is an obstruction in the pipes or pipes, caustic soda will be a potent solution to your problem.

Caustic soda acts by releasing heat on contact with water, and corroding everything in its path. That is why it is very important to take all the safety measures before using this product. Especially, be careful never to leave caustic soda within reach of children.

To uncover the drain with caustic soda, simply enter the chemical, either dissolved in water, or in the form of beads through the drain sewer. Then, pour hot water, preferably boiling.

Unclog drains with plumbing fluids

This option is useful when the problem is slight, and it is especially useful for the kitchen sink. However, it is necessary to verify that, at the moment of throwing the product, food remains in the pipe. Basically, the pipes that sell in the supermarkets serve to clean the tartar formed in the pipes.

It is necessary to clarify that sometimes it is necessary to unscrew the tube that is directly under the drainage of the Bache, sink or basin, since it is there where the objects that block the flow of the water are usually there.

Unclog drains with soap or rubber pump, or with wire

Keep in mind that sometimes effective and forceful help is needed to make the pipes stand out. In these cases test with an elongated wire, scraping the drain pipe until the obstacle circulates.

Also the sending of water pressure by means of air is very useful. In fact, sometimes there is nothing more effective when the Bache is filled with water by a plugged drain. In conclusion: to uncover the drain, test first with the so papa and wire, which are effective and do not pollute. If this does not work, or if you think the drain is still sealed, introduce clean pipes. If you think you need something more powerful, turn to caustic soda.