How to unclog a bathtub drain – using a toilet vent

Rub the trap or the plug to remove any dirt. Remove the screws that hold the trap with the appropriate opener. Turn and lift the cap to remove. Rub any of these two elements to remove any residue of hair and soap.

Fill the bathtub with a few inches of water. Fill with water to submerge the bottle. It is thanks to this element that this tool can suction.

Use a decanter to suck up any obstruction in the drain. Place the nipple on the drain. Then press it and pull quickly. You will have to use force and be careful, because you could splash the water. Most likely, when you are unclogging the drain, get out dirty water and debris.

  • After about 10 times, check to see if dirty water or drainage remains.
  • If nothing comes out of the drain, do it harder.
  • Keep doing so until the water drains when you remove the bottle.
  • If no obstruction leaves the drain, you will have to use a different method.

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