Leaking tub drain fixture

It is very important to fix the tub with sewer leaks. They can be a danger to your bathroom floor and to the ceiling of the living room below the bathroom. You can always call a plumber, but this is an easy job that you can do for yourself.

First of all you need to see what the problem is. Do not try to make an easy fix. It is important to replace the components that are damaged.

Tools and materials

  • Flash
  • Paper or woven towels
  • An assistant is helpful
  • New pipes as required
  • New washing machines as needed
  • Putty, as needed
  • Of new compression links, as needed
  • New accessory, as needed

Find the leak

You can find the escape point of filling the tub with a small amount of water and then place some newspapers under the tub. Use a flash of light to help detect leaks.


  • One of the most common causes of leaking tub is a damaged seal. If this is the case, use a putty to seal the joint. Replace the appliance on the base of the bath.
  • Replace tubes in case of breakage. Sometimes pipes made of plastic and crack leak. To replace it, just cut out the broken part and install another one.
  • Leaks together. First, tighten the assembly and see if there is still a leak. Fill the tub with a little water and let it drain. Before starting the test, the joint will dry. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the joint.
  • Fixing the drain. If this is the problem of leaks, what, s necessary to disassemble all the pipes under the bath. It is best to replace the unit trying to repair it. Consider replacing the pipes as well.

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